The Ten Most Famous Pizzas in Naples beyond Margherita

The Ten Most Famous Pizzas in Naples beyond Margherita

My first thoughts, that I chose to publish is about the most popular dish in the world – pizza. When I traveled to Italy, I was impressed by the taste and quality of pizzas in herem of course not only them, but I decided to talk about not-so-popular pizzas, comparing to the famous Margherita and Neapolitana, but of course, a few words will be said about them too.

The Neapolitan pizza is the symbol par excellence of our gastronomy abroad, but what we know today is only the latest outcome of the evolution of this food that can boast at least half a millennium of history behind it.

Pizza. An ancient and widespread etymology

The first testimonies of the word are of little before the year one thousand and the area of distribution includes the whole central-southern Italy. The etymology of the word, however, is much older and seems to be common to “pita”, the typical crushed bread spread between Greece and the Middle East, to the piadina romagnola (in dialect “pida”) and to “pinza”, a sweet spread between Emilia, Veneto and Trentino.

All these forms of pizza have evolved and hybridized over the centuries, coexisting in Italian gastronomy with the same definition that generically indicated a simply flattened focaccia, or a cake with a topping – sweet or salty – distributed on the surface or enclosed between two layers of dough.

Among the traditional pizzas, the Margherita is certainly the most famous. Seasoned with tomato, fior di latte, fresh basil, salt and oil, it is one of the typical dishes of the Neapolitan cuisine, of very ancient origin. It is thought, in fact, that according to an ancient belief, this recipe was invented by the chef of the current pizzeria Brandi, Raffaele Esposito, even in 1889 to honor Queen Margherita of Savoy, wanting to represent with the colors of the ingredients chosen those of the Italian flag. Still today it is a must for citizens and tourists alike to taste it, but there are at least ten other equally well-known and delicious traditional pizzas that you will find on the menu of all pizzerias. Here is the list below:

Pizza Marinara

It is seasoned only with tomato, garlic, oregano and oil. Its name comes from the fact that the ingredients, easily preserved, could be brought by sailors to prepare pizzas during their long journeys. Price: 3 euros.

Pizza Bufalina

The ingredients are those of the Margherita, of which it represents a tasty variant, but instead of the fior di latte, buffalo mozzarella, another typical product of the Campania cuisine, is used. A variant of this pizza is the Caprese, where, however, the ingredients are served raw on the dough cooked in the oven. Price: from 5 to 6 euros.
Pizza Capricciosa: contains tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, cooked or raw ham, black olives; sometimes, but not always, there is also boiled or broken egg directly on the dough and baked in the oven by bull’s eye. Price: from 5 to 7 euros.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Its ingredients are usually the same as Capricciosa, each one arranged in one of the four quadrants into which the pizza is divided. Price: from 5 to 7 euros.
Pizza Boscaiola: mozzarella, champignon mushrooms, sausage are the elements that make up this typical Neapolitan pizza. Depending on taste, you can choose to season it also with tomato. Price: from 6 to 8 euros.

Pizza Carrettiera

Contains two typical ingredients of Neapolitan cuisine, namely sausage and friarielli, to which is generally added also provola or flakes of parmesan cheese. Price: from 5 to 7 euros.

Pizza Romana

The ingredients are tomato, salted anchovies, oregano, capers and oil. In other areas of Italy, as well as in Rome, this is called Neapolitan pizza. Price: from 3 to 5 euros.
Stuffed Pizza: fried or baked, it is made with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, salami, tomato and pepper. A variation of the filling is represented by the one made with provola cheese, escarole, anchovies and pine nuts. Price: from 5 to 7 euros.

Pizza Diavola

It is so called because its main ingredients, in addition to tomato and mozzarella, are hot salami and chili pepper. Price: from 5 to 7 euro.

Piazza Quattro Formaggi: it uses mozzarella, basil and cream cheese, based on fontina cheese, sweet gorgonzola, provolone and parmesan cheese. In Naples it is made exclusively white, while elsewhere you can also taste the tomato variant. Price: from 6 to 7 euros.


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