Cooking Spatulas: Usage, Prices

Cooking Spatulas: Usage, Prices

Where to Use

Every time you need to handle pasty substances you need a spatula. The handle can be made of wood, plastic or metal. The steel spatulas are the most advanced. The variety of thicknesses of the steel used for the manufacture allow the blades to obtain more flexibility. The spatulas for fillers do not have a handle. The blade is made of steel with two beveled corners. The same model is also used by bodybuilders. Glassmakers instead use the spatula with the curved blade. The spatula find different applications. In painting they are used to mix the colors on the palette.

In the middle of the 19th century some painters used spatulas to apply the color directly onto the canvas. In the kitchen, spatulas have a plastic handle, (sometimes they are all plastic), and are used to mix compounds, or spread and level creams on sweets. Some spatulas are wider, but shorter, and are used to turn burgers on the grill, eggs and crepes. The bodywork spatulas are used to fill the bodywork, they are made of rectangular steel, very flexible and small in size. It is in construction that the spatulas find their maximum use. There are in commerce of various sizes and shapes: those to spread the glue with the serrated edge; those to manipulate stuccoes and mortars. You can also use them, when cooking pizza dough.

Types of spatula

Types of spatula

The people who habitually use the tools keep them jealously, are reluctant to lend them and never ask to borrow them. The tools are very personal, so their choice is equally personal. There are no two professionals who have the same tools, this is demonstrated by the fact that they often choose different tools to do the same job, except for the spatula, whose presence is essential.

In construction there are different types of spatulas:

  • paint;
  • wallpaper spatulas;
  • filler spatulas.

Paint and wallpaper spatulas are wide and sturdy spatulas. The spatula blade removes softened paints and impregnated wallpaper. The best spatulas have high quality steel blade, fixed with rivets to the rosewood handle. With blades from 10 to 12.5 cm wide you can remove wallpaper; if the blade does not exceed 2.5 cm you can remove paint from door and window frames.

The stucco spatula looks like a painter’s spatula, but has a flexible blade to force the stucco into the cracks in the wood and plaster. The large cracks in the wall surfaces are filled with the metal trowel.

The serrated spatula is made of steel, wide with serrated sides. It cuts waterproof wallpaper allowing water or the appropriate solution to penetrate more quickly. It is also used to spread the adhesive to lay the tiles.

Using the Spatula

There are spatulas that are used to remove old wallpaper. The way is very simple. With a brush soaked in water you moisten the wallpaper. Let it work for a few minutes, just long enough for the glue to soften. Then with a metal spatula you remove the paper.

Many jobs in the home can be done without the intervention of specialized personnel. It is simply necessary to inquire about the material that is needed, in the various stages of processing, as well as having a discreet manual skill and good will. If you need to clean the walls of the house, first of all it is important to know how to grout the wall. In order to do this, it is good to get the right tools. In this case you need not only the stucco, but also the metal spatula and sandpaper. Take the grout and place a fair amount on the spatula, then spread the grout until the wall to be patched is even. It is left to dry and then sanded until the wall is restored to its original appearance: smooth and polished.

Spatula: Prices

The spatulas do not cost much. The steel ones are the most expensive. Even if you are not a professional, but simply an amateur, it is always better to buy the best spatula, not only because they provide excellent performance, but if used, cared for and stored properly they last for many years, because over time they always show a wise investment. As for the spatulas, although there are all kinds of spatulas on the market, you never buy the complete equipment of these tools at once. It makes more sense to buy them when you need them. In average a normal spatula costs around 3-5 dollars, then it depends on the model, but generally for the purchase of a professional spatula you do not exceed 10 euros.


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